Kim Kardashian's soon-to-be sister announces plans to eat her baby's placenta.

The decision by parents to eat their baby’s placenta is still controversial, but new technologies mean it’s becoming increasing popular. Our midwife Sophie explains why

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Pregnancy news,19/09/16

It’s an idea that may disgust some, but an increasing number of mums-to-be want to know about the possible benefits of eating their baby’s placenta. Last week Rob Kardashian's bride-to-be Blac Chyna shocked when she announced plans to eat her second baby's placenta, but new technologies have made doing so a less messy option. For those that are willing to pay, private clinics now offer a process called ‘encapsulation’ which turns your baby’s placenta into easy to take capsules, a bit  like Paracetamol. While this pricey option may be easier to stomach than a placenta smoothie, many of you still may be asking if the health benefits are really worth the hype?

Our midwife Sophie shares her thoughts:

“A lot can be said for the goodness contained in our placentas. Most animals do eat their own placenta after the birth of their young to aid recovery.

Consuming the placenta in whatever way a woman may choose to, is said to supply the new mother with a rich source of iron, amino acids and essential fats which are hugely beneficial after birth. Stem cells which help to repair damaged or dead cells are contained in the placenta too. These can help with wound healing.

Many cultures worldwide believe that eating your placenta can help to balance your post pregnancy hormones, increase your energy levels and also possibly increase your milk supply.

If women (and/or their partners) wish to eat their placenta, then we would support them to do so. But we would encourage them to do some careful research about how to prepare and cook it before eating it to see which method they feel best applies to them!” 

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