Kim Kardashian’s reported pregnancy problems may not be all that they seem

The reality TV star, who has previously suffered pregnancy complications, has been advised against having another baby on her reality TV show. We want to reassure mums-to-be that celebrity news is not a reliable source of information.

Pregnancy news, 16/11/2016

When Kim Kardashian recently revealed on an episode of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' that she would like to have another baby, her doctors’ responses were dramatic. They warned her that another pregnancy might be dangerous due to the complications she’s experienced in her previous two pregnancies and that having another baby might mean 'life or death.'

In her first pregnancy the star suffered  from both pre-eclampsia, a condition that is a combination  of high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the mum’s urine,  and a retained placenta. Although both these conditions are serious they are also rare and her doctors’ claims that Kim could ‘bleed to death’ sends an unhelpful message to mums-to-be.

Our midwife Nikki explains why:

‘We want to reassure mums-to-be that a retained placenta is a relatively rare pregnancy complication that can be treated effectively once diagnosed. If you’re at risk of a retained placenta, or have experienced a retained placenta in the past, your medical team can take steps to correct the problem quickly. Unfortunately Kim Kardashian had both retained placenta and an infection which makes her situation more complicated. While women at risk of retained placenta are advised against giving birth at home, they should be reassured that in most cases the condition can be treated effectively. ’

We want to remind mums-to-be not to be worried by celebrity 'pregnancy horror stories.' They often are written for entertainment and miss out important medical details. While we know that Kim Kardashian suffered complications in both pregnancies, we don't know all the facts. If you are ever worried about your or your baby's health, then you should talk to your doctor or midwife. Please don't rely on celebrity news for health information.

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