Is Kate considering a home birth?

The Duchess reportedly wants a home birth for her third baby.

kate Middleton

Pregnancy news, 12/09/2017

According to reports, the Duchess of Cambridge is considering a home birth for her third baby.

The royal baby, who will be fifth in line to the throne, will be a little brother or sister to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Kate gave birth to George and Charlotte in the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in West London, and faced the world’s press and photographers hours after each birth.

Giving birth at home will ensure a more private experience for the family and will allow the siblings to meet for the first time in the comfort of their home. Previously, Prince George was photographed arriving with his father at the maternity unit to meet Charlotte. 

A source told the MailOnline, ‘The Duchess knew it wasn’t possible for her first baby to be born at home, but she asked for a home birth for the second. Officials and doctors thought it too risky. There was concern and in the end she decided against it.’

If Kate gets the go ahead for a home birth at Kensington Palace, she will be returning to royal tradition of heirs being born at home.

Queen Victoria was born at Kensington Palace in 1819, and the current Queen Elizabeth had all four of her children at home in Buckingham Palace and Clarence House. 

Kate is understood to be less than 12 weeks pregnant, and is once again suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum - an extreme form of nausea and sickness in pregnancy. 

If, like Kate, you have already had a normal pregnancy and baby, and this pregnancy is considered low-risk, giving birth at home has been shown to be just as safe as birth in an obstetric hospital unit. Having a baby at home also has the added benefit of being a relaxing and familiar environment that can help you feel calm and safe. 

Read more about the safety of home births.

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