Jennifer Metcalfe on pregnancy symptoms

Hollyoaks veteran and new mum, Jennifer Metcalfe, spoke to the Daily Mail last week about her recent pregnancy, saying that it felt like a nine-month long hangover.

Jennifer Metcalfe standing in front of the mirror taking a photo of her pregnancy bump

Pregnancy news, 18/09/2017

It’s been a couple of months since Jennifer Metcalfe gave birth to her son Daye, and it sounds like the pregnancy was a challenging one.

In an interview with Femail, Jennifer compared pregnancy to having a hangover, but without the night out that usually comes before it. Unlucky for Jennifer, it sounds like she had every pregnancy symptom going. Constipation, nausea, sickness from start to end, tiredness – you name a common pregnancy complaint, she had it.

'I just felt pants every day. I just felt like I had a nine month hangover without the fun in-between obviously. Every day I just felt a bit sick.’

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Although pregnancy is a very special time, each trimester can come with its own symptoms and challenges. Some women will be lucky and only experience a few and, unfortunately, others may get the whole lot. We have heaps of advice that can help you cope with all of the changes that pregnancy might throw your way.

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