Izzy Judd shares her mastitis struggle

The new mum has written about the painful condition on Instagram.


Pregnancy news, 07/09/2017

Harry and Izzy Judd welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Kit, on 26th August 2017.

The couple have both shared lovely photos of the family – including Kit’s big sister Lola – since his birth.  

But today, Izzy has opened up on Instagram about the challenges of breastfeeding and suffering with mastitis.

She wrote, ‘Day 12 and I have mastitis. Breastfeeding is such a challenge.

‘All I want to do is give Kit the golden droplets but we all have to be realistic about what we can cope with!

‘However we feed our baby, as long as mum and baby are happy, surely that’s what counts the most.

‘I often think to myself how is something so natural so hard… the same feelings I experienced when trying to conceive.

‘Anyone else struggling with breastfeeding, up all hours expressing, feeling the pressure and just wishing feeding was easier?’

We're sorry to hear Izzy is experiencing mastitis, which can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

Our midwife Kate explains,

‘Mastitis can be really painful and make you feel very unwell with flu-like symptoms and a high temperature. It is important to seek out support as early as possible to manage any symptoms and get any treatment that you may need; either speak with your midwife, health visitor or GP as soon as you can. Even though it may be causing a lot of pain, it is really important to keep feeding or expressing from the affected breast(s) otherwise it can make things worse. It can help to express in the shower or bath as this can make things a little easier. You can also take paracetamol whilst you are breastfeeding to help with any temperature and pain you may be experiencing.’

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