‘I’m doing my pelvic floor exercises whenever I’m in the car!’

Fitness trainer and host of The Biggest Loser Australia, Tiffiny Hall, shares how her exercise routine has changed now she’s expecting.

We love hearing about how women change up their fitness routines during pregnancy and Tiffiny Hall has inspired us with her healthy approach.

She’s known for her toned abs and intense exercise plans, so it’s no surprise that Tiffiny wants to keep active throughout her pregnancy. In an interview with Body and Soul, Tiffiny says, ‘My focus has shifted from high intensity daily workouts to keeping exercise passive, allowing for plenty of recovery and only exercising every second day.’

‘I am very aware that my body is already doing a big workout by building a baby so I’m really listening to my body and what it needs.’


Exercise during each trimester

‘Exercise will change depending on your trimester. During your first trimester you may be suffering from nausea and exhaustion so be kind to yourself! Try and aim to stay active every other day by walking if exercise is a bit too daunting.’

Tiffiny continues, ‘The second trimester will bring you a little bit more energy and stamina to exercise so enjoy what you can while still being sensible.’

‘By the third trimester it will be harder to move (as well as see your feet!) so don’t try anything vigorous more than three times a week’.

What kind of exercises can I do?


When it comes to abs, Tiffiny says, ‘It is important to avoid placing excess stress on your abdominal muscles during this time. Always remember to roll over onto one side and raise yourself up by your arms when getting up from a lying position’.

‘Core strength exercises such as raising one arm and the opposite leg when on all fours and holding for three to five breaths is a great way to help maintain deep abdominal strength and can be done throughout the pregnancy.’

Pelvic Floor

‘Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is also important as they come under great strain in pregnancy and childbirth. I’m doing my pelvic floor exercises whenever I’m in the car! Looking after your pelvic floor is an investment in your future.’

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It’s great to see Tiffiny speaking out about how her fitness routine has changed throughout her pregnancy and inspiring us to keep moving. If your pregnancy is uncomplicated, it is much healthier for you and your baby to stay active during your pregnancy.

Our midwife Anna explains:

‘Staying active throughout pregnancy is great for you and your baby, it can help to reduce stress and prepare your body for labour. It’s important to always listen to your body and to stop exercising immediately if you feel dizzy or have trouble catching your breath. In most cases it’s safer to exercise in pregnancy than not to as it brings down the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. If you have pregnancy complications, or are unsure whether your regular exercise routine is safe to continue in pregnancy, then it’s important to talk to your doctor or midwife.'

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