Helen George hits back at troll who commented on her pregnancy weight and appearance

The Call the Midwife star has been praised by fans this week for her gracious response to a tweet about her physical appearance during pregnancy.

A photo of the four actresses from Call the Midwife, including Helen George in the middle

Pregnancy news, 14/02/2018
Image credit: Twitter, via @CallTheMidwife1

Actor Helen George was pregnant while filming the latest series of Call the Midwife, though you wouldn’t know it thanks to the wardrobe choices and strategically placed items in front of her growing bump.

However, after this week’s episode aired, a particularly unkind viewer took it upon themselves to comment on Helen’s appearance on the show, tweeting “Helen George is massive. She should be put on a diet. #callthemidwife.”

Quite rightly, the actor’s fans swooped in to support Helen. Rather than backing down and apologising, the viewer continued by saying, “Mmm, obviously used [her pregnancy] as an excuse to gain all them chins.”

Despite her fans jumping to her defence, Helen proved she needed no assistance by responding to the thread herself, saying:

Tommy’s thoughts

Helen’s attitude towards weight gain in pregnancy is healthy and refreshing.

Pregnancy weight gain

Pregnancy is not the time to go on a restrictive diet, or a time to start ‘eating for two’. Like most things in pregnancy, each woman is different and a healthy weight gain will depend on how much you weighed before you were pregnant.

Find out more about weight management in pregnancy.

How your body changes in pregnancy

Your body will change during pregnancy – it’s stretching to make room for your baby and working hard to grow and nurture them. Some women love to see these physical changes, and others can become really concerned about the way they look.

It’s important not to feel guilty if you have negative feelings towards your body; it doesn’t mean you love your baby any less. You don’t have to ‘glow’ or feel positive all the time, but make sure you share how you’re feeling with your midwife or loved ones so you can get some support.

Find out more about emotional and physical changes during pregnancy.

More about how your body changes in pregnancy

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