Exciting breakthrough for pregnant women with type 1 diabetes

New research from the University of Cambridge could revolutionise care for pregnant women with type 1 diabetes.

A woman using an electronic pancreas.

Photo from ITV News Anglia

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have found that it is safe for women with type 1 diabetes to use an artificial pancreas during pregnancy. This breakthrough could make pregnancy safer for thousands of women in the UK.

Pregnant women with type 1 diabetes are currently considered high risk because during pregnancy, hormones interfere with the way your body works, which makes it more difficult to control your blood glucose levels. This makes it difficult for mums-to-be to control their condition and they need to be monitored closely by a specialist healthcare team throughout their pregnancy.

An artificial pancreas is an easy-to-use electronic device that could revolutionise current care. It monitors the body’s glucose levels and delivers the exact amount of insulin required. This could help women deal with their condition more easily.

At Tommy’s we are delighted to see new technologies that could make it much easier for pregnant women to deal with type 1 diabetes and to have a healthier, less stressful pregnancy.

Our midwife Sophie explains:

“It’s great to to hear that this new technology will hopefully become more widespread across the country for our type 1 diabetic mothers! It may take a little while to filter down as midwives and doctors are trained to teach women with type 1 diabetes how to use the devices. However this new technology will not only make pregnancy safer for mums and their growing babies, but will also make it far less of a daily chore for them. Type 1 diabetic mothers have to test their blood sugars every few hours and inject themselves with insulin accordingly. This is something that they are used to, but one less thing on the to-do list for any busy women going about their everyday lives is great!!!”


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