Eight-year-old-boy delivers his baby sister

We love the story of eight-year-old Marcus Caffery who ended up taking care of his mum and delivering his baby sister as his dad flagged down the ambulance.

Eight-year-old Wolverhampton boy delivers newborn sister

Pregnancy news, 24/11/2016

When eight-year-old Marcus Caffery's mum Jodie went into labour at their home in Wolverhampton, he was left in charge of looking after her while his dad rushed outside to flag down the ambulance.

In the moments that dad was away Marcus ended up delivering his baby sister Freya, with the help of a 999 operator. 

This heart-warming story shows just how unpredictable labour and birth can be. While it's important to have a birth plan, many mums end up having to make 'new plans' at the last minute. This was the case for BBC presenter Victoria Fritz who went into labour straight after giving a live broadcast.

Our midwife Anna advises mums-to-be to be flexible with their birth plans:

'Every woman has a vision or expectation about how they will birth their baby, however even with all the planning and birth preparation, the circumstances of labour are often out of our control. These situations can shift suddenly and a ‘new plan’ has to be processed quickly which can be stressful. It's wonderful that little Marcus managed to deliver his baby sister safely with the help of a 999 operator.'

Tommy's send our congratulations to the Caffery family on their new member Freya!

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