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The Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, was asked to reveal the sex of a couple’s baby this week.

A photo of David Tennant standing with co-stars while recording Doctor Who

Pregnancy news, 10/01/2018

This week, an American couple were filmed asking David Tennant to reveal their baby’s gender using well-known catchphrases from his days as Doctor Who.

They passed him an envelope and said, “It has the sex of our baby in!” 

Clearly excited, Tennant tore open the envelope and was asked to repeat the word “allons-y” if the baby was a girl or “bad wolf” for a boy.

Watch the events ‘unfold’:



Finding out whether your baby is a boy or a girl is a really personal decision, so don't feel pressured either way.

If you do want to know the sex, you can usually find out at your fetal anomaly scan, which takes place at around week 18 to week 21. If you want to keep it a surprise, let your sonographer know.

Sometimes baby will be in an awkward position, making it difficult for the sonographer to find out the sex so try not to be too disappointed if this happens.

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