Back off Cheryl’s bump!

As Cheryl Cole’s growing bump makes another public appearance, Piers Morgan has congratulated the star on her pregnancy and told her to ‘hurry up with the announcement.’

Pregnancy news, 30/11/2016

Cheryl's much discussed bump was on full display last night as she attended a charity carol concert with her One Direction boyfriend Liam Payne. Media speculation around the star’s suspected pregnancy has been building for months but Cheryl is yet to make an official announcement.

The hysteria around Cheryl’s growing bump has lead TV personalities like Piers Morgan to go ahead and make the announcement for her. Not only has he congratulated Cheryl on her pregnancy before she’s had the chance to confirm it, but he’s told her to ‘get on with the announcement.’

At Tommy’s we understand that choosing when to announce a pregnancy is a deeply personal decision. Women or couples should not be pressurised into making their news public before they feel ready to. There are many reasons why some couples may choose to keep pregnancy a secret longer than others and their decision to do so should be respected.

Our midwife Anna explains why announcing a pregnancy is a deeply personal decision that nobody should feel pressured in to:

‘We often have phone calls from women in early pregnancy who have decided to keep their baby news quiet. Everyone is different and while some women or couples will want to share their news from the moment they see the blue line, others will instinctively want to keep theirs a secret. 

If a woman has previously lost a baby, they may want to keep their next pregnancy a secret until they feel ready to share their news, or until their bump becomes obvious.

When a woman or couple choose to reveal their pregnancy is a highly personal decision that is completely up to them. It's often a decision that has to do with personal history. Cheryl's choice to keep her pregnancy a secret should be treated with respect and sensitivity, so she feels supported to announce it when she is ready. It's disappointing to see the media putting pressure on her.' 

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