'Baby boxes' are trialed for the first time in the UK.

Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital in West London has become the first in the UK to trial the Finnish ‘baby box’ scheme.

Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, a statistic that’s widely accredited to the fact that every new mum there receives a ‘baby box’ from the state.

While the box contains baby essentials such as nappies and clothes it also includes a mattress that lets it double-up as crib. The box is easy for parents to carry and helps them to keep their sleeping baby safe and close by at all times. Baby boxes are also designed to dissuade parents from sleeping with their newborns in their own beds.

The scheme is funded by an American social enterprise and the current trial at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital includes key information for new parents in the boxes. By providing parents with educational resources they hope to encourage positive change and increase the quality of infant care across the UK.

Our midwife Anna  says:

"We’re delighted to see this launching in London. We love the baby box concept, especially as traditional Moses baskets are so pricey, and used for such a short amount of time. It’s already being rolled out in Scotland, and we hope that we’re going to see the same great results for parents and their babies here as they have over in Finland. If it’s a success, it would be great to see the baby box scheme adopted UK-wide.”

You can find more information on 'baby boxes' here.

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