Audio and braille versions of leaflet now available

The ‘Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well’ leaflet is now available in audio and braille.

Leaflet on reduced fetal movement now available in audio and braille

Pregnancy news, 02/03/17

We’re delighted that our leaflet on reduced fetal movement is now available in audio and braille. The leaflet was developed by Tommy’s and NHS England with support from Kicks Count and other charities.

It aims to address the myths around reduced fetal movement and raise awareness of the importance of monitoring your baby throughout pregnancy.

The leaflet answers important questions on this topic, such as:

  • How often should my baby move?
  • Why are my baby’s movements important?
  • What if my baby’s movements are reduced again?

The leaflet is available to download in 11 languages and contains clear messaging that is consistent with national guidelines. It urges mums-to-be to follow current recommendations about what to do when they experience a change in their baby’s movements.

55% of women who had a stillbirth noticed their baby’s movements had slowed down or stopped but hadn’t reported it.

You can access each version of the downloadable PDF, A3 poster and audio files on our website here. The braille version is available on request. To request a braille copy, please email [email protected].

We think it’s great that this information can now be accessed by more and more people. Please help us save babies’ lives by sharing our leaflet as far and wide as you can. Afterall, #MovementsMatter.

Download the leaflet

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