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    • Nseko and her twins

      My tandem feeding story

      August 3rd, 2020

      Although my twins haven’t always been exclusively breastfed, I have loved our breastfeeding journey. In all honestly, it's been more fun than I thought it would be and an amazing experience in terms of bonding with my babies.

    • Image of woman's feet walking through a park, pushing a pram

      Survey results show mums are struggling to connect

      July 22nd, 2020

      86% of pregnant women and new mums have been feeling a lack of social interaction during COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Research shows mothers may pass coronavirus to babies during pregnancy, but risk is low

      July 14th, 2020

      New research this week has reported 2 cases of Covid-19 being passed from mothers to their babies in the womb. Doctors have reassured pregnant women that, although this can happen, the risk is very low and these families are now fully recovered.

    • Pregnant woman smoking

      NHS statistics show slight decrease in smoking during pregnancy

      July 13th, 2020

      Recent NHS Digital statistics show that 10.4% of women in England smoke at the time of delivering their baby, which is slightly less than last year.

    • Illustration of woman holding baby and thinking about relaxing in bed, reading a book.

      Dear pregnant me...let's talk about your new identity as a 'Mum'

      July 10th, 2020

      Things I wish I had known when I was pregnant about...your new identity as a 'Mum'. Do whatever you need to do to get some 'me' time in the diary, and remember that this new title of 'Mum' doesn't define you, it's a part of who you are.

    • Phillipa, her husband and little boy

      My life as a pregnant midwife

      July 6th, 2020

      Now I'm in the third trimester I have to remind myself to be more cautious. This is frustrating as lockdown is easing at the time I need to be extra careful!

    • pregnant woman

      NHS promises more care for pregnant women from BAME background

      July 2nd, 2020

      The NHS is taking urgent action to protect expectant mums from a black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) background during the coronavirus crisis, as new research shows these women face an increased risk.

    • Group B strep awareness month

      Group B strep – what you need to know

      July 2nd, 2020

      Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a type of bacteria carried in the body. Carrying group B strep is usually harmless, but sometimes it can infect a baby during labour. Fortunately, most group B strep infections in newborn babies can be prevented, simply and safely, when pregnant women carrying group B strep are offered antibiotics in labour.

    • Woman in hospital bed holding bump during labour

      Asking for pain relief during labour

      June 25th, 2020

      You should feel that your needs and wishes are being listened to during labour, particularly around pain relief. Every labour and birth is unique and care should be tailored to you.

    • James holding his son's hand whilst watching a video of Lauren's ultrasound

      Being a dad during the coronavirus pandemic

      June 14th, 2020

      I put on a brave face and watched her walk through the doors into the unknown all on her own. This was heart breaking and I’ve never felt so helpless. My wife is my best friend. Whatever life throws at us we handle it together.


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