7 easy pregnancy lunch ideas

These meals are good for lunchtime, as they’re quick to make. Sandwiches and soups are great for taking to work, too.

Keep soup hot in a flask and keep sandwiches cool in an insulated bag. Try to have a variety of fruit and vegetables each day.

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Pizza, but not as you know it!

Quick and easy 'pizza'. Put chopped tomatoes and other vegetables such as peppers or mushrooms onto a baguette and sprinkle grated cheese on top. Put it under the grill to melt the cheese. Add an apple.

Baguette PizzaGet your portion of fish in

Tinned sardines or mackerel on wholemeal toast with sliced tomato.

SardinesAn easy way to hit your five a day

Vegetable soup, with a salad sandwich and a banana.

Vegetable SoupA simple classic

Baked beans on wholemeal toast with two satsumas.

Beans on ToastChicken in pitta - an easy one for work

Wholemeal pitta bread filled with chicken salad, with an orange.

Chicken PittaTuna salad - however you like it

Half a regular tin of tuna and salad vegetables of your choice. Turn it into a tuna nicoise by adding pitted olives and a chopped, hard boiled egg!

Tuna Salad









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  • Swap sweet drinks for water.

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  • Hard boiled egg and whole meal toast.

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