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Best breakfast for pregnancy

Find out why breakfast is important in pregnancy and get some healthy pregnancy breakfast ideas

Why breakfast is important

Did you know breakfast eaters are less likely to be overweight? They also tend to have more balanced diets, lose weight more effectively (if overweight) and are less at risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseas

Breakfast gives you a much-needed energy boost after a long stretch of ‘fasting’ during the night (‘break-fast’ makes sense when you think about it). Your body has been renewing and repairing itself overnight and, of course, growing a baby.

Eating a healthy breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and gives you the energy to get through to lunch. A morning meal also means you’re less likely snack later in the day, or over-indulge on not-so-healthy options when hunger hits you.

If you're feeling sick a light breakfast, as soon as you get up, will boost your blood sugar levels and hopefully ease the queasiness.

What's in a nutritious breakfast?

Breakfast is a great time to take in important nutrients for you and your baby, such as B vitamins, folate, calcium and vitamin C.

Try to include food from each of these groups:

Starchy foods

These will kick-start your metabolism and give you a boost of energy.

  • Cereals (choose wholegrain and sugar-free versions), these are quick and easy to prepare, often fortified with vitamins, iron and calcium. These can be a good  source of B vitamins.
  • Porridge is warm comforting healthy choice
  • Bread (toast, rolls, English muffins, scones, malt loaf, fruit bread, currant buns, bagels, you name it) - choose wholegrain varieties for fibre.

Fruit and vegetables

These are full vitamins, minerals and fibre, which will help your sluggish digestive system.

  • Fruit - an apple on the go, banana chopped on your cereal, dried fruit mixed in porridge or cereal, or mix up a smoothie.
  • Veg - if you have more time in the morning, try mushrooms, tomatoes or baked beans on toast.


Dairy is full of protein, calcium and B vitamins - all vitally important for your growing baby.

  • Milk - skimmed or semi-skimmed on your cereal, or whiz up a healthy milkshake.
  • Yoghurt - sprinkle fruit on natural yoghurt, or mix up a smoothie.

Healthy breakfasts in pregnancy - simple ideas to boost nutrition

  • Sprinkle dried fruit, nuts and seeds on top of cereal, porridge or low-fat Greek yoghurt. 
  • Spread your wholegrain toast with mashed banana, avocado or nut spread
  • Get a boost of iron, and other essential vitamins, by mixing a handful of spinach with your scrambled eggs and toast.
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