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5 easy breakfast ideas in pregnancy

There are plenty of delicious foods to choose from during pregnancy that are good for you and your baby.

Breakfast is important so do it like a king. Take the time to chop some fruit for these easy ideas for a healthy breakfast.

Having a good breakfast gives you the energy you need to start your day and can be a quick and easy way to take in some valuable nutrients. This is even more important when you're pregnant.

Porridge with fruit

You could sprinkle sliced fresh fruit or berries onto the porridge, add a handful of dried fruits or have a piece of fruit on the side.

Porridge with fruit

Wholemeal toast or bagel

Have it with jam or Marmite, and add a glass of milk.


Shredded wheat

Make sure it's sugar-free and have it with milk and a banana or other fruit of your choice.

Shredded Wheat

Scrambled egg

You can now have lightly cooked eggs so long as they are Red Lion standard. Try scrambled egg with grilled tomatoes and wholemeal bagel.

Scrambled Egg


You can try any fresh or tinned-in-juice fruit and plain yoghurt with wholemeal toast on the side.

Fruit with yoghurt

A note on eggs:  In 2016 the ACMSF found that the presence of salmonella in UK hen shell eggs has been reduced greatly – therefore it is recommending that the UK guidance is changed so that lightly cooked hen eggs are now safe to eat provided that they are produced under the Lion code quality assurance scheme. 

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Review dates

Last reviewed: 27 June, 2017
Next review: 27 June, 2020