If I tell my midwife I feel low, what will happen?

At least one in ten women feel unwell mentally in pregnancy or soon after the birth.

It is not uncommon and midwives are aware of this. They won’t criticise you or judge you for having these feelings. They’ll ask you some questions to understand further how your feelings are affecting you. 

If you're not sure whether what you are feeling is normal or not, you can read about the normal emotional changes of pregnancy.

If the midwife thinks you need more support as a result of your answers, she’ll refer you to your GP who will be able to explain support options available locally to you and the pros and cons of each. If it helps, take a family member or friend with you to any of these appointments. The support that is offered will depend on the symptoms of your illness.

Find out more about asking for help and support with emotional well-being

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  1. NICE (2014) Information for the public: Mental health in pregnancy and the year after giving birth. http://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/cg192/resources/information-for-the-public-mental-health-in-pregnancy-and-the-year-after-giving-birth-pdf
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