I have antenatal depression. Will I get postnatal depression?

If you have had depression before, you are more likely to have postnatal depression, especially if you don't get treatment. But it doesn’t mean you will be depressed after giving birth.

If you have, or think you have antenatal depression the best thing to do is talk to your midwife or doctor about how you feel. They can help you get the right treatment and prepare for how you may feel after you give birth.

It may also be helpful to take a look at the Wellbeing Plan with your midwife or health visitor and talk through what extra support you may need now and after your baby's born. The treatment for depression depends on how severe your symptoms are and what services are available locally.

“I had postnatal depression after my first pregnancy and was depressed during my second. Luckily, I was referred for some incredible talking therapy and it helped so much. I managed to work through everything before my second baby was born and it was a much happier experience.”


You may also find it helpful for you, your partner (if you have one) and your family to read about the symptoms of postnatal depression. This will help you recognise the symptoms if you do become depressed again after you’ve given birth, so you can get help quickly.

The good news is that postnatal depression can be treated. Recognising the symptoms early and getting the right support for you is key.


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