Am I depressed or just feeling down?

Sometimes, with all the normal emotional changes around pregnancy, it's hard to know when to look for help. If you are feeling low more than you are feeling happy you should talk to someone.

Common signs of depression are:

  • you feel generally down most of the time for more than two weeks
  • you can’t be bothered with things
  • you can’t concentrate or make decisions
  • you don’t enjoy life
  • you’re tired and don’t have any energy
  • you can’t get to sleep and then you wake up early
  • you feel tearful
  • you feel irritable and don’t want to be with other people
  • you feel restless and agitated
  • you lose your self-confidence
  • you feel worthless
  • you feel guilty
  • you lose your appetite
  • you lose interest in sex
  • you think about suicide.

Remember that some of these signs, such as feeling tired and having no energy, are also things that are normal when you’re pregnant or have a young baby. You probably won’t have all of these symptoms, but if you have five or more you may be experiencing depression. Talking to your midwife or GP about how you feel can be helpful in itself. It also allows them to support your emotional health, including getting extra help and treatment if needed.

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