Tips for an alcohol-free pregnancy

Avoiding alcohol may be easy if, like lots of women, you go off the taste early in your pregnancy. But for some others, it can be a challenge.

If you drank only alcohol on social occasions with your friends before you got pregnant, try these tips.

1.) Widen your choice of alcohol-free drinks

  • A non-alcoholic cocktail - try an orange sunset, which is grenadine syrup with pineapple juice and orange juice
  • Alcohol-free wine or beer, but be aware that some of these can contain tiny amounts of alcohol so don't have too much
  • A virgin Mary - tomato juice with added spices and seasoning
  • Sparkling water or tonic with ice and lemon
  • Iced fruit teas
  • Traditional still lemonade
  • Milkshakes made with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk
  • Yoghurt drinks.

2.) If you're going to a party, take your own favourite non-alcoholic drink so you're not tempted by alcohol.

3.) Avoid salty snacks. These will make you more thirsty and more likely to want a drink.

4.) Tell your family and friends about the possible effects of alcohol on your baby and ask them to support you when you don't drink.

5.) Meet your friends in a café instead of a pub or bar.

Last reviewed on June 27th, 2017. Next review date June 27th, 2020.

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