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Tips for an alcohol-free pregnancy

Avoiding alcohol may be easy if, like lots of women, you go off the taste early in your pregnancy. But for some others, it can be a challenge.

If you drank only alcohol on social occasions with your friends before you got pregnant, try these tips.

1. Widen your choice of alcohol-free drinks

Especially if you dislike sweet drinks.

  • A non-alcoholic cocktail - try an orange sunset, which is grenadine syrup with pineapple juice and orange juice
  • Alcohol-free wine or beer, but be aware that some of these can contain tiny amounts of alcohol so don't have too much
  • A virgin Mary - tomato juice with added spices and seasoning
  • Sparkling water or tonic with ice and lemon
  • Iced fruit teas
  • Traditional still lemonade
  • Milkshakes made with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk
  • Yoghurt drinks
  • Look out for zero-alcohol ranges of drinks - these mimic alcohol in taste but have no alcohol.

2. If you're going to a party, take your own favourite non-alcoholic drink

If you've developed a taste for herbal tea for example bring your own tea bags around with you.

3. Make a plan

If you were in the habit of having a glass of wine or beer every evening with dinner, think about a habit that can replace it if you're finding it difficult to go without. Maybe replace the wine or beer with sparkling water.

If you were in the habit of going to the pub, think of a new activity that could replace that. Do some yoga, go for a walk, watch something funny, Replace the behavior with something that is healthier and more sustainable,

4. Tell your family and friends about the possible effects of alcohol on your baby and ask them to support you when you don't drink

Resist peer pressure. Some people will not be aware that the best advice now is not to drink at all and will encourage you to have 'just one glass'. You'll need to be strong and stick to your decision.

5. Meet your friends in a café instead of a pub or bar

This might also suit you better if you're more tired in the evening. Meeting for lunch or in a cafe makes it more likely that everyone will choose a non-alcoholic drink.

6. Get support if you're finding it very hard

Get support if you're struggling to give up. You may feel ashamed to ask for help but health professionals are trained to give non-judgemental help. They will not judge you and will give you all possible support.

You could also call the FRANK helpline 0300 1236600 for a chat.

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Last reviewed: 27 June 2017
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