Money and work - for dads and partners

Having a baby can impact on your work and finances. Here’s more about how to manage life as a new family, including what benefits you can access, paternity pay and leave.

Money and work

As a parent-to-be, you may be able to get time off work or financial benefits. It’s a good idea to find out what you’re entitled to as soon as you can.  

Your rights at work, including paternity leave

Talk to your employer early on about their parenting policies. You could ask them about: 

  • time off to go to pregnancy-related appointments, such as scans, birthing classes or adoption appointments – you can take up to 6.5 hours for each appointment, including travel and waiting. 
  • whether they will pay you for time off to go to appointments – they do not have to pay you but many choose to
  • paternity leave – you may be able to take 2 weeks off work after your baby is born
  • shared parental leave, which is split with your partner
  • paternity pay – you may be able to get this, even if you’re not able to take paternity leave.

You will need to tell your employer that you want to take paternity leave at least 15 weeks before your baby is due. 

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Pregnancy benefits and financial support

Your partner may be entitled to financial help while they’re pregnant. For example, they can get free prescriptions and dental treatment. If they receive benefits, they may be able to get help to buy food and milk.  

More support and information

ACAS has information about paternity leave, shared leave and paternity pay.

Maternity Action has information for fathers and partners about work and benefits.

The NHS website has information about maternity and paternity benefits and leave.

Working families has a Toolkit for parents, with information about maternity leave and pay, benefits, paternity rights and rights to request flexible working.

ACAS. Your paternity leave, pay and other rights. 

NHS. Maternity and paternity benefits and leave. (Page last reviewed: 20/04/2021. Next review due: 20/4/2024)

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