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Tommy's PregnancyHub launches Tommy's Midwife - a new pregnancy voice skill for Alexa and Google devices

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Tommy’s Midwife, a one-of-a kind voice skill providing a new way of accessing our pregnancy information on Amazon and Google voice-activated devices.

We know that pregnancy can be both a hugely exciting and daunting time, especially in these extraordinary times we are all living in. So today we wanted to introduce you to the newest member of the team – Tommy’s Midwife, our new voice skill for Amazon and Google devices. Tommy’s Midwife is here to answer your questions on (almost!) everything from pregnancy symptoms, mental health, complications, health in pregnancy, and labour and birth. We’ve worked with our users and team of midwives to develop over 400 answers to your most frequently asked questions, providing you with quick answers from a credible source.       

Currently, when parents-to-be turn to the internet for answers, they can be overwhelmed with vast swathes of often conflicting information from a huge number of sources, making it almost impossible to know what advice to follow or which sources to trust. This can be a source of additional anxiety for pregnant women, and our research shows that anxiety affects more than 80% of pregnant women (Tommy's survey of 380 women, 84% experienced anxiety during pregnancy). 

Tommy's Midwife voice skill is initially available on Google and Amazon smart phones and speakers. It can help answer a wide range of questions that we know pregnant often worry about, such as antenatal depression, maternity leave, symptoms and morning sickness. It offers parents-to-be reassurance and support from an evidence-based source they can trust. 

With coronavirus being a huge concern now and in the coming months, Tommy's Midwife can provide another level of support for mums and parents-to-be when services are very stretched and anxiety is high. It also provides a safe source of information as the content has been approved by our team of Tommy's midwives. We are also working hard to make sure any new advice and information is available through the voice skill.

So next time you have a question about pregnancy, why not try asking Tommy’s Midwife? Just say ‘Hey Google, talk to Tommy’s Midwife’ or ‘Alexa, open Tommy’s Midwife’ to get started. We have five key areas of content: mental health and wellbeing, pregnancy symptoms, health and pregnancy, pregnancy complications and labour and birth. Why not try asking one of these questions and let us know how you get on?

  • Are mood swings normal in pregnancy?
  • Is it safe to take painkillers?
  • Is it safe to fly while I’m pregnant?
  • What are antenatal appointments?
  • What vaccinations should I have in pregnancy?
  • How will I know when I’m in labour?
  • What do contractions feel like?
  • What are the signs of anaemia?

We hope our new voice skill can bring you extra support you during pregnancy and birth, especially during these anxious times. And we can’t wait to hear your feedback so we can grow the content we have for you. We’ll be working with you to add to the content over time and improve any teething issues. 

Sarah Siguine, Head of Pregnancy Information at Tommy's said:

"Tommy’s Midwife is a voice skill here to help answer (almost) any question that people have about pregnancy, labour and birth. Users can ask about their physical health and any symptoms or complications they may experience. The skill also provides lifestyle recommendations such as diet and exercise tips, as well as practical information on topics like maternity leave, pain relief and handling morning sickness. Tommy’s Midwife can offer reassurance and signpost where to find further support. We’re confident it’ll extend our ability to support women during such an important – and often overwhelming – phase of their lives."

We have put together some information about how to use Tommy's Midwife and how you can let us know what you think. 

We hope that Tommy’s Midwife can provide extra support, but it does not replace medical advice. It is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. If you have concerns about your pregnancy or your baby, please speak to your midwife or maternity team. If you think you may be having a medical emergency, please call 999.