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Amber Rose criticised for promoting ‘Flat Tummy’ tea during pregnancy

The model has come under fire for endorsing an ‘organic pregnancy tea’ made by the controversial company behind “detox” teas and shakes, Flat Tummy Co.

Earlier this week, pregnant model Amber Rose shared a paid Instagram advertisement for Flat Tummy Co’s ‘organic pregnancy tea’.

The post, which was shared with Amber’s 18.8 million followers, was met with thousands of comments criticising her decision to promote the product. In defence, she said it was not a “detox tea” and was designed specifically to help pregnant women with bloating, digestion and nausea.

Behind the headlines and health claims

Common pregnancy symptoms


It's very common to feel sick and/or nauseous during the first few months of pregnancy and is often at its worst first thing in the morning.

The tea promoted by Amber Rose contains ginger, which Flat Tummy Co claim helps to reduce nausea. While not scientifically proven, some women do find that consuming food or drink containing ginger helps. You don’t need an expensive pregnancy product though; many swear by ginger biscuits or supermarket lemon and ginger tea.

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Bloating and digestive discomfort

Bloating is also a common pregnancy symptom. But again, there’s no miracle product you can buy to fix this. A healthy, well-balanced diet and trying to get a little more exercise in your day (even just a quick walk) can really help with digestion and bloating.

Body image

Amber Rose is right to say that this tea is not advertised as a “detox” or “weight loss” product, but it is still worrying to see something marketed towards pregnant women clearly displaying the words ‘Flat Tummy’.

Pregnancy is a time of so much change – emotionally and physically – which can leave women feeling especially vulnerable and self-conscious. Products like this run the risk of praying on insecurities many women feel during pregnancy and may make them see the natural changes their bodies are going through as a problem.

Promoting positive body image

There have been some wonderful campaigns in recent years promoting body positivity during and after pregnancy, from brands like Mothercare and influencers such as Clemmie Hooper and Hilary Duff.

We will continue to celebrate women’s bodies – before, during and after pregnancy.