25 weeks - my pregnancy milestone!

Time seems to be hurtling by at the moment. A friend said to me a week or so ago that it’s a relief to get to 25 weeks as the baby is then officially viable.

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I think this means that if she was born now there is a chance she would survive, as everything is developed enough. I hadn't really thought about this, but reaching the 25 week point has seemed exciting nonetheless, not least because I had my next midwife appointment, which has seemed like mini-milestones in themselves.

The grumpy midwife was back! The one I had at my first-ever appointment. She wasn't grumpy this time and I suppose it'll be nice to have a consistent face each time as up until now it's been someone different each time. She'd broken her wrist and been off for 7 weeks and it looked like she'd been spending her time outside sunbathing so she ought to be pretty happy! She was perfectly pleasant and quite chatty. I was feeling very hot and tired and a bit out of it so perhaps didn't respond as much as I would have normally to her chatter.

So many people had commented on how 'huge' I was, I was looking forward to having my bump measured to see if there was any merit in their comments 

Turns out there wasn't. Hardly surprising. I think people forget just how 'huge' you are right at the end! You're meant to measure a cm for every week you are. I measured 26cm but I was 25 weeks and 6 days so that made perfect sense.

I had my usual urine and blood pressure tests. My blood pressure was a little high so this will need to be monitored. I'm not worried about it at the moment. She also tried to listen to baby's heartbeat but she was wiggling around so much we could hear it for a couple of seconds and then she'd move. Naughty baby.

I got my Mat B1 form at this appointment which is the official form you need to inform your employer you're pregnant and to claim maternity pay. Apparently partners may also need a copy if they are claiming paternity leave, so take a few copies just in case.

I also found out about the NHS antenatal classes that I can attend

They recommend you attend them after 32 weeks I think – probably so you don't forget stuff! The ones I can attend are on three Wednesday evenings in September. I was hoping for some time off work for them but no such luck!

My next midwife appointment is in 3 weeks when I am 28 weeks – I had no idea they suddenly become so frequent. Up until now I've technically only had three, plus the two scans. They remain every 3 weeks up until nearer the end when they become every 2 weeks. I suppose with only 15 weeks to go now it makes sense – hence why I feel like time is hurtling by!

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