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Ferne McCann’s baby girl arrives a week before her due date

The TOWIE star revealed the news on Instagram.

Many congratulations to Ferne McCann who gave birth to her daughter last week.

Writing on Instagram, Ferne revealed that her baby girl took her by surprise by arriving a week earlier than expected.

"Welcome to the world my darling."

"Didn’t expect to see you a week early. I’m so in love and bursting with pride. It’s a girl."


A post shared by Ferne (@fernemccann) on Nov 2, 2017 at 12:12pm PDT

As midwives, we always say that it’s a good idea to have everything ready a few weeks earlier than your due date in case baby does arrive early. Don’t bet on giving birth on your due date!

If you are 35 weeks pregnant or over and experiencing early signs of labour, your medical team will usually let the birth go ahead. So, if you do have a few weeks to go until your due date, your baby could make an appearance any day now.

Make sure your hospital bag is packed. There’s no harm in being prepared!