Baby Dove adverts criticised for appearing to support those who oppose public breastfeeding

Many mums have been sharing their disapproval of the latest ads from popular skincare brand Baby Dove.

Baby Dove breastfeeding adverts

Pregnancy blog, 03/07/2017

It is great to see brands, like Dove, having open discussions with their customers, but in our opinion, whether mums should breastfeed in public is not a topic for debate.

The campaign has sparked a lot of criticism amongst mums who think the adverts are likely to put women off breastfeeding their children in public. As a result, The Advertising Standards Authority has received over 100 complaints so far. As one mum on Twitter put it:

25 per cent may well say ‘put them away’ (according to Dove) but in the UK it is illegal to discriminate against someone for breastfeeding in public. Despite the law being in place and the well-documented benefits of breastfeeding, many women still feel embarrassed to feed publically.

Responding to the criticism, Unilever have said,

‘We believe there are many ways to be a great mum or dad. Our campaign simply aims to celebrate the different approaches and opinions around parenting, including whether or not mums choose to breastfeed in public, recognising that it’s ultimately what works for you and your baby that matters the most.’

We’ve always loved the way Dove has supported women in its previous campaigns, and think it’s such a shame that they’ve missed the mark on this occasion; which was an opportunity to really celebrate breastfeeding and make mums (no matter how they feed their babies) feel good about themselves.

At Tommy’s, we support mums to feed their babies in whatever way they feel is best. Our midwife Kate explains:

‘Mothers should be made to feel empowered to breastfeed wherever they feel comfortable. Babies need to feed according to their needs, no matter where or when and usually will not wait!’

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