Why thousands of women found out they were pregnant on 17 January and other top stories from 2018

We look back at our most popular pregnancy news articles and blogs from last year.

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Pregnancy blog, 02/01/2018

2018 was a big year for pregnancy news, including a new royal baby and another on the way. While the world wakes up and gets back to work after the Christmas break, we thought we would reflect on our 5 most popular stories from the last 12 months.

1. Many pregnant women are over-consuming caffeine

A poll by Tommy's found that 61% of women would reduce the amount of caffeine they consume after being made aware of how much caffeine there is in daily items.

Read the full story about caffeine in pregnancy.

2. Thousands of women might find out they’re pregnant on 17 January

According to a study, 17 January is the most popular day of the year for women to find out they’re pregnant in the UK. It comes just two weeks after ‘National Babymaking day’.

Find out what to do if you’re planning a pregnancy in 2019.

3. 40% of UK babies are not having optimal cord clamping despite guidelines

Last year, The Positive Birth Movement discovered that many clinicians are not waiting for the recommended 1-5 minutes before clamping the umbilical cord, contrary to guidance from NICE.

Read more about delayed cord clamping and why it’s best to wait, if possible.

4. New Planning for Pregnancy tool launched to support safe and healthy pregnancies

In 2018, Tommy’s launched a free digital tool to give all women the information they need to know before pregnancy after our survey found that most women plan more for a holiday than they do for pregnancy.

The Planning for Pregnancy digital tool brings women through a questionnaire and then uses their answers to provide tailored information on what they can do before pregnancy to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. It also provides supportive email follow-up with tips and advice.

Try Tommy’s Planning for Pregnancy tool.

5. Largest ever study of running habits shows that running in pregnancy is safe

With the help of parkrun, nearly 1,300 women were recruited and categorised according to whether they continued to run during pregnancy or not, how many weeks into her pregnancy a woman ran, and how many kilometres each week.

The results found that there were no ill effects related to the intensity or frequency of running during pregnancy and that continuing to run into the third trimester was safe.

Read more about running in pregnancy.

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