Self-care after the birth

Taking care of yourself after the birth is just as important as looking after your baby.

Self care after the birth

Pregnancy news, 12/05/17

Congratulations! Your body has been through an incredible experience and you finally have your baby in your arms.

You may feel on top of the world, exhausted, bruised, or all of them at the same time. And that is completely normal!

Your body and mind are going through lots of changes in the days and weeks after birth, so it’s not surprising that it takes a while to recover. Once you are both at home, be gentle with yourself and take the time to recuperate slowly.

At this point, there is nothing more important than spending your days at home resting and getting to know your baby. This is the time to keep your baby close, enjoy lots of skin-to-skin contact and start to learn your baby’s signals. Responding to these signals will help your baby to feel safe and comforted.

You may choose to take a week at home after the birth with no visitors or obligations. Spending that first week cocooned at home with your new family member can be a lovely bonding time.

Or, you may choose to see close friends and family for that extra help and support. There’s no need to try to prove you can do it all. Asking family to bring meals with them can be a huge help in the early days. But don’t feel guilty saying no to visitors if you’re just too tired – your healing is the priority.


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Doing what feels right for you and your baby is the main thing. As blogger Molly Gunn (baby Liberty pictured) says about her first week after birth, ‘Sometimes taking it easy and shutting out the world is the best thing for us and we don’t need to go on a retreat to do it.’

We agree.

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