Postpartum realness from The Unmumsy Mum

The wickedly funny bestselling author shares her postpartum body after the birth of her son Wilf.

The Unmumsy Mum with her new baby Wilf in a birthing pool followed by a shot of her in the doorway wearing an adult nappy

Pregnancy blog, 14/12/2017

We love The Unmumsy Mum's complete honesty about the joys and woes of pregnancy and parenting, and today she gave us just what we've come to expect.

Sarah shared a gorgeous photo of her and baby Wilf in the birthing pool, followed by a shot of herself - 'adult nappy' and all. Adopting her best cowboy stance, and with a huge beaming smile across her face, she looked every inch the proud new mum.

She captioned the image,

'Looking back through pics of Wilf’s birth and these two are hands down my faves, for very different reasons... Apologies for the second photo if you’re eating your breakfast but after initially thinking I can’t share that! I realised it’s less flesh than it would be if I shared my ‘bikini body’ and represents the postpartum reality so well - I was absolutely euphoric at this point, despite walking like John Wayne and wearing an adult nappy. I cannot tell you how much we were laughing at this point either, mostly at how lucky James is. Huge shout out to the midwives at the RD&E hospital who were simply brilliant and also Siobhan @thepositivebirthmother whose hypnobirthing techniques, particularly the breathing and visualisations, made ALL the difference (I’m going to write a blog post about the birth at some stage as despite being the best one yet it’s still a bit of a story involving blood pressure issues and another tricky placenta - mine never want to come on out). Thanks too for all your lovely comments and messages, I’m really overwhelmed. Lots of love xx’

It's amazing to see more photos being shared of postpartum bodies. We hope that realistic images like this one will help other women know what to expect and feel empowered. Thank you, @TheUnmumsyMum!

Our midwife Sophie says,

‘So many mums struggle with body image following the birth but it’s important to remember the enormous change that your body has gone through to produce your beautiful baby. There’s no rush to return to your pre-baby body and it’s important to remember that the images you see of celebrities are often Photoshopped and give an unrealistic impression. There’s really no such thing as ‘normal’. It's time that new mums celebrated their post-pregnancy tummies!’

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