Pippa Middleton inspired by Serena Williams' fit pregnancy

In her latest Waitrose article, Pippa discussed her passion for tennis and her plans to continue playing during her pregnancy.

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Tommy’s midwives’ blog, 02/07/2018

Pippa Middleton was well-known for her active lifestyle before pregnancy and it looks like that isn’t about to change.

“I’ve been a tennis fan since childhood, as a player and spectator, and have been keen to continue playing safely throughout my pregnancy.”

In her recent fitness column for Waitrose’s magazine, Pippa wrote about how inspired she’s been by Serena Williams’ fit pregnancy. She even referred to Serena’s 2017 Australian Open win when she was 2 months’ pregnant.

Pippa went on to say that while her hard-core fitness routine might have to change a little, she won’t be putting her tennis racket away anytime soon.

“If you’re a healthy, well-trained player with an uncomplicated pregnancy there’s no reason why you can’t continue a good level of tennis.”

Exercise and pregnancy

Both Middleton sisters have a really healthy approach to exercise during pregnancy. And Pippa is right: if someone was used to exercising before they got pregnant, it’s safe and healthy to keep it up for as long as it feels comfortable. Most people slow down naturally as their bump grows.

Some benefits of staying active

Staying active during pregnancy has benefits for both mum and baby:

  • Increases blood flow to the placenta, which helps with baby’s growth and development.
  • Women who exercise are less likely to have a c-section or other assistance during labour.
  • Helps improve sleep.
  • Can help with common pregnancy problems like constipation, tiredness and back pain.

Exercises to avoid

It’s a good idea to avoid:

  • contact sports (like rugby)
  • stomach crunches and sit-ups
  • exercising in very hot conditions
  • exercises where you’re lying on your back from the second trimester.

Find out more about exercising safely in pregnancy.

Download our ‘Guide to staying active in pregnancy’.

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