New mum shares her postpartum body journey

Elise Raquel posted her story on Instagram after the birth of her daughter.

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Pregnancy blog, 29/09/2017

Australian mum-of-three Elise Raquel has shared a powerful post on Instagram about her postpartum body.

After the birth of her daughter Willa in July this year, Elise shared a photo that was taken hours after the birth when she was ‘in pain and overcome by a flood of emotions.'


She says, ‘It’s a strange feeling to look down and still see a bump, even though you’re holding your baby in your arms, even after doing it three times. It’s not easy to go home with a baby and still have to wear maternity clothes.’

‘With each baby I’ve gained a few more kilos and a few more stretch marks. I used to feel the need to cover up in this newborn stage, I didn’t want to see my body in this state, so why would anyone else? It’s taken me three babies, but I’ve finally realised this postpartum body isn’t something to hide!’

She finishes her post by saying, ‘I am NOT ashamed of my (many) new stripes and my postpartum body. And neither should you! Let’s celebrate postpartum bodies, in all their glory. The female body is incredible and I am so proud of what mine has done!’

We couldn’t agree with Elise more.

Your body has been through an extraordinary experience during birth and that is something to be proud of. It'll take a while to recover after the birth and your emotions might feel like they are on a constant rollercoaster. But it will get better – it just takes time.

Your midwife and health visitor are there to support you through this transition period. If you have any signs or symptoms that are worrying you, mental or physical, talk to them for support.

You can read more from Elise about motherhood, breastfeeding and bringing up her brood, on her Instagram page Raising Young Loves.

Photos by Belle Verdiglione.

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