New mum fell pregnant with twins six weeks after giving birth

New mum Eliza thought she was just sleep deprived because of her newborn, but when she started recognising other symptoms she realised there might be more to it...

One photo of Eliza taking a selfie of her twin bump in the mirror next to another photo of her lying on the floor surrounded by her three babies

Pregnancy blog, 18/08/2017 [updated 11/06/2018]

Try and imagine having a six week old baby. So far, so good? Now imagine finding out that you’re also pregnant with not one, but two MORE babies. If you’ve managed to picture that, then you’ll understand what a shock it was for Eliza from Sydney.

One and a half months since the birth of her daughter, Charlie, Eliza was feeling pretty tired (unsurprising) and had a ‘lack of bounce’ (again, totally understandable). A few more pregnancy symptoms later, she began joking with her husband that she might be pregnant again.

After a few weeks of negative tests, one suddenly came up positive. During her first ultrasound it was suspected, and later confirmed, that Eliza was carrying twins.

It turns out that the new parents had put the old wives’ tale that “you can’t get pregnant if you’re breastfeeding” to the test, despite knowing it was not foolproof. Our midwife Nikki explains:

‘Although breastfeeding can be used as a form of contraception I would not advise any new mum to rely on this alone. Breastfeeding delays the onset of periods, however you may ovulate prior to having your first period. After having a baby you are very fertile so chances of getting pregnant if you do ovulate at this time are high.’

Luckily, Eliza had always planned on a big family and, following ‘the six month blur’, says that it’s lovely ‘watching the three interact and learn from each other and also the realisation that 'I'm done'.’

Read more about Eliza’s amazing story on her blog, Twingenuity.

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