Mutha.Hood says what we’re all thinking about post pregnancy bodies

Entrepreneur and Instagram goddess, Mutha.Hood, shares her words of wisdom.

Pregnancy blog, 12/09/2017

As we casually (read: obsessively) browsed Mutha.Hood’s Insta stories yesterday we found ourselves punching the air. It seems that, like us, she is fed up of the pressure from tabloids to ‘get your body back’ after birth and had some very important words to say on the matter.

Screenshot of Mutha.Hood's Instagram story about post baby bodies

It reads: ‘I know I shouldn’t even open the app… But three stories in a row about “sensational post baby bodies”. I’m not dissing their figures, more the pressure that “post baby bodies” are even a thing to concern yourself with. If no one has told you today, you look wonderful… just as you are.’

Amen to that, mutha! We could not agree more.

If you want to get exercising soon after birth because it’s what you want and you feel ready, then crack on. Just make sure you’re doing it for you and aren’t pushing yourself because you feel you should. Some women find that getting out for a brisk walk or jog does wonders for their mental wellbeing after birth, and others take comfort in being indoors with a cup of tea and a book or magazine.

Whatever you choose, be kind to yourself after birth. Take some time to treasure your new baby and your new body – you have been through such a lot together!

Our midwife Anna has her own words of wisdom to share:

'It has taken great energy and nine whole months to grow a human, so you can't expect to have a washboard stomach in a matter of weeks. Celebrities have so many people helping them behind-the-scenes: personal trainers, chefs, nutritionists, you name it. Their body is their brand. It is worth also remembering that, as a lactating woman, you still have hormones whizzing around your body which puts you at an increased risk of injury.'

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