Izzy and Harry Judd keep their baby’s gender a surprise

Boy or girl? The couple have kept the news in an envelope in their house.

Izzy Harry Judd baby gender

Pregnancy blog, 24/08/2017

Finding out the gender of your new baby is one of life’s great surprises. But the big question is – to wait until the birth or find out at your second scan?

Harry Judd recently posted on Instagram that he and Izzy are waiting until the birth to find out the gender of their second baby.

He wrote,

‘Totally understand those that want to find out the sex of their baby but I'd rather not know. @mrs_izzyjudd wanted to find out for no.2 but when she got home with the envelope she changed her mind. This has been in our house for months! Not long to go now.’

The second scan

It’s at your second ultrasound scan at 18 to 21 weeks that the sonographer may be able to see if your baby is a boy or girl. The point of the scan is to check the health and growth of your baby, but the option is there to find out the gender too.

It’s worth noting that some hospitals have a policy of not looking at gender. And there is also the possibility that your baby might be lying in a position that doesn’t let the sonographer see the gender.

When you arrive at your scan, tell them if you would like to know – and tell them too if you don’t want to find out until the birth.

Gender reveal parties

Gender reveal parties have also become popular in recent years and they can be a lovely way to share the excitement with friends and family. 

But it is a really personal decision and your midwife and sonographer will fully support your choice either way. Some women find it easier to bond with their unborn baby if they know the gender, whereas other women prefer to wait for the surprise at the end of their labour.

As always, it's your choice.

Have you decided to find out or are you waiting until your baby arrives? Would you be able to keep the news in an envelope without looking?

We think the temptation to look would be too much for us! 

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