Is it safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding?

Beyonce sparks alcohol and breastfeeding debate on Instagram.


Pregnancy blog, 17/08/2017

Queen B has come under fire this week for posting a photo on Instagram of her sipping a glass of what looks to be red wine.

The problem? She’s allegedly breastfeeding her newborn twins, Sir Carter and Rumi.

We say allegedly because nobody actually knows (and it’s certainly none of our business anyway).

But within minutes of posting her photo, the internet sparked up with debate about whether it’s safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding or not.

And is Beyonce in the wrong? No.

If she's breastfeeding her babies, an occasional drink of alcohol is unlikely to cause any harm.

Our midwife Kate explains,

‘We know that whatever you eat or drink can come through in the breast milk, however an occasional drink of alcohol is unlikely to cause any harm to your baby. To minimise the risk further, try to avoid breastfeeding for about 2-3 hours after a drink. It can help to express some milk beforehand and store in the fridge in case your baby needs to feed during this time. It is best to avoid binge drinking or having more than two units once or twice a week.’

So there you have it, mamas. How you choose to feed your baby is your call and you should never be shamed for the choices you make.

We’d like to end this post with a little quote from new mum Amanda Seyfried, who said recently, ‘Feeding your baby is awesome. What’s not awesome? Judgement.’

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