Happy Mother (hood) Day

5 good reasons why pregnant women should get breakfast in bed on Mother's Day.

Pregnant mother receives breakfast in bed

Pregnancy blog, 31/03/2019

Some people don’t seem to think you should get to celebrate Mother's Day when you’re pregnant. We beg to differ.

1. You are responsible for another person’s movements

Do you have to keep an eye on someone else’s movements? Yes you do. Because you’re looking after their welfare. They may not be in your arms yet, but they need you to mind them, just as if you were their…mother.

2. You’re feeding someone other than yourself

Every healthy meal you cook, every vegetable you eat, every nut, seed and piece of fruit you have between meals is helping grow your child into a healthy human being. Feeding your child starts well before they are born.

3. Your fellow passengers treat you just like they treat a mother

Just like people on the bus can’t see (or move over for) mothers with a buggy nor will they see (or get up for) your bump.

4. You're on your best behaviour

You're staying active, eating well, avoiding harmful toxins, such as cigarettes and alcohol. Following the guidance is not always easy or fun but you do it for your child.

5. Getting to this stage may well have been the hardest part of motherhood

1 in 4 of you will have lost a baby in pregnancy and 1 in 7 will have struggled through fertility problems to get to where you are. Some of you will have endured both.

No matter what stage of pregnancy you are at, you own this Mother's Day and no one can take it away from you.


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