Documentary Family Awards 2018 unveil birth photography winners

Don’t miss these stunning and empowering images of labour and birth.

An atmospheric photo of a women in the water holding her baby right after birth

Pregnancy blog, 28/02/2018

The winning photographers of the Documentary Family Awards 2018 birth category have truly captured birth in all it's glory. Each photo is breathtaking and unique - just like the births they document.

The top 20 entries show the full range of birthing experiences, from hospital to home births, and water births to caesarean sections. Each stage of the labour journey is represented too; contractions, pushing, and postpartum (after the birth).

It's wonderful to see labour and birth celebrated in this impressive and deeply personal collection. Here are just three of our favourites:

A photo of a woman with her newborn baby on her chest and her birth partner looking on

Honourable mention: Birth by Erin Heuser

Two dads looking at their newborn baby in a hospital crib surrounded by machines and wires

Honourable mention: Birth by Juliette Fradin

A photo of a women sat in a birthing pool being supported by her parter whose hand is placed on her chest

5th place: Birth by Shawna Stanley

See all of the winning and highly commended birth photos on the Documentary Family Awards' website.

We're already excited to see next year's submissions!

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