‘Call the Midwife’ actress Helen George has given birth earlier than expected

Helen’s baby daughter arrived in time for her own baby shower.

Pregnancy blog, 05/10/2017

Helen George has revealed on Instagram this week that her baby arrived earlier than expected, and she even managed to make it to her own baby shower.

This is Helen’s first baby with her ‘Call the Midwife’ co-star Jack Ashton.



A post shared by Helen George (@helenrgeorge) on Oct 2, 2017 at 12:13am PDT

Helen captioned the photos, 'When your baby turns up early for her own baby shower, welcome to the world little one. What an amazing day, we have the best friends.'

As midwives, we always say, you might give birth on your due date but don’t bet on it. It’s a good idea to have everything ready a few weeks earlier than your due date so you’re ready to go whenever your baby decides to arrive.

Hannah, a mum of premature twins says,

‘Get organised earlier rather than later (pack hospital bags, get house in order etc) when you have the energy and in case your little one decides to come early, or you end up on bed rest.’

If you have a few weeks to go until your due date, your baby could arrive any day now. Make sure your hospital bags are packed and easy to grab at short notice.

Still haven’t packed? Get to it! If you’re wondering what to add to your hospital bag, our packing guide might come in handy.

Congratulations to Helen and Jack!

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