The Persil Non-Bio & Comfort Pure Angel Award

This award has been made possible through the generosity of our sponsors Persil Non-Bio & Comfort Pure.

Pure Angel award logo.

The winner of the 2016 Persil Non-Bio & Comfort Pure Angel Award was Lindsey Prue

Winner Lindsey Prue was nominated by Sarah Thomson after Lindsey was with her every step of the way through her pregnancy and afterwards. Sarah has mild bipolar and had endured three miscarriages by the time she heard about a drug trial at the Biomedical Unit at Coventry. It was here that she met research midwife Lindsey who provided her with the immediate support and care she needed, even whilst on holiday. 

Sarah says “the whole team, at the Biomedical Research Unit in Coventry should be given the award as they are all completely and utterly amazing, but Lindsey is an angel and truly one in a million.”


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