Miscarriage research centre - strategy and projects

The Tommy's National Tommy's Centre for Early Miscarriage Care and Research will bring together excellence in early miscarriage research to drive an innovative programme of research and care.

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Our aim is to make a significant reduction in the number of women in the UK who are given no reasons for their miscarriages. In order to achieve this, we will carry out a programme of research that will explore the aetiology of miscarriage and aim to develop accurate diagnostic tests. 

We want to put women and couples at the heart of our research. To do this our research will focus on four themes to address the key questions asked by those who suffer miscarriages.

  • Why did it happen?
  • Will it happen again?
  • How can we prevent it happening again?
  • How can we move forward from here?

Our programme of research will be combined with clinics at all three sites, which will enable 24,000 women per year to access treatment and support and participate in Tommy’s research studies.

Why did miscarriage happen? Projects planned to investigate the reasons for miscarriage.

Will it happen again? Projects that will explore ways of predicting the risk of a second miscarriage

How can we prevent it happening again? Projects that investigate ways of preventing miscarriage

How can we move forward from here? Exploring better ways of supporting couples

How to get referred to the Tommy's National Miscarriage Research Centre.

The first step is to visit your GP.

The NHS follows guidance which is set out in NICE guidelines and these say that the GP should refer you after you have has three early miscarriages. Most doctors realise that this can cause considerable distress to women and many hospitals will investigate after two miscarriages. 

After one miscarriage most women go on to have a healthy pregnancy so it is unlikely you will be referred for further investigation after one miscarriage.

Talk to your GP, explain how you are feeling and ask to be referred as soon as possible.

To be referred to a Tommy’s miscarriage clinic, ask to be referred to a named Tommy’s unit when you visit your GP. The clinics will be at the following sites:

One of the benefits of doing this is that you will be offered entry into a research study which may trial the latest tests and/or treatments.

The Tommy's National Early Miscarriage Centre will comprise a partnership of three universities: The University of Birmingham, The University of Warwick, and Imperial College London. The three sites will run specialist clinics enabling 24,000 women per year to access treatment and support and participate in Tommy’s research studies.

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