Tommy's work on weight management

Almost a fifth of women start their pregnancies with excess body fat, which poses a risk to them and their babies.

With one in four women of childbearing age in the UK currently obese, women planning a pregnancy and pregnant women are at increased risk of pregnancy complications as a result of their weight. Having a BMI of 30 or more is associated with a higher risk of pregnancy complications including miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth. Babies born to obese mothers are also more likely to have a high birthweight and future health problems associated with obesity, including cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

Tommy's wants to see:

  • improved evidence regarding the development of effective interventions to manage weight in pregnancy;
  • antenatal care guidelines for weight management in pregnancy;
  • practical support for obese women to enable them to make healthy lifestyle choices (e.g. diet and exercise);
  • development of training to equip health professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively care for obese pregnant women.

You can access our pregnancy health information on weight in pregnancy here:

Weight management in pregnancy

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