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Siobhan Quenby, Theodoros Arvanitis, Arri Coomarasamy, Omar Khan, Sarah Lim Choi Keung, Adam Devall

Tommy’s are building a data platform to help different hospitals and researchers work together to prevent miscarriage.

At the moment, many couples will only be investigated after they have suffered three miscarriages. This causes unimaginable, and unnecessary, pain for the women this system affects.

Tommy’s wants this to change. Instead of simply counting how many babies a woman has lost, we want an approach that will take many different risks into account. That way, we can try and say how likely a woman is to miscarry in the future, and if possible, stop it from happening.

We are building Tommy’s Net, a platform that will help us to collect and store information from hospitals and clinics, as well as access current medical records. This will allow us to build mathematical models that will help us tell which women are at risk of miscarriage. It will also be a centre that can store information from many different clinical trials, helping us to research the causes of miscarriage in large groups of women.

Tommy’s Net will let hospitals work together so they can give the people they look after the best care possible. Researchers will be able to share information, helping us to study miscarriage more effectively. We have already built the first parts of the software we need, and expect Tommy’s Net to be fully functional from 2018. 

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Tommy's funds research across the UK investigating the reasons for pregnancy complications and loss. Maternal and fetal research is underfunded and we need your support to continue. There are many small and large ways you can support us, find out more here.

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