Tommy’s Reproductive Health Biobank

Dr Rachel Tribe, Professor Siobhan Quenby

Our four research centres have collaborated to create a single biobank that will enhance our future studies.

Tommy’s exists to save babies’ lives. 

That’s why we fund four research centres to carry out vital work on preventing pregnancy loss. Our research centres are located around the UK in Manchester, Edinburgh and London. Our fourth centre is the National Centre for Miscarriage Research which has hubs in Warwick, Birmingham and Imperial College London.

Each of our research centres has a “biobank” – a collection of biological samples from mothers and children – that are used in studies. These samples comprise of tissues collected before, during and after normal or complex pregnancies. 

Until now, these samples have been stored in six separate biobanks, all striving to achieve the same goal. 

We wanted to find a way to combine samples, data and expertise from each of our centres into one unit of international excellence. 

To do this, we are creating the Tommy’s Reproductive Health Biobank – a virtual database of samples from all of our centres. This biobank will allow us to ensure the quality and consistency of our samples and make sure that they are easily searchable. 

The resulting biobank will have details of large numbers of women with diverse pregnancy problems, with high quality data collection and outcome follow up. This will ensure that samples are of maximum benefit to Tommy’s researchers, as well as for the wider research community. 

Since starting the project in September 2017, our team has been working on setting up the biobank.

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This project is funded by Tommy's and the Medical Research Council.

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