The ABPEP study - Finding ectopic pregnancies earlier

Ectopic pregnancies are dangerous and life threatening. Finding them early is important. This research project looks at ways to do that.

We are also studying women who have ectopic pregnancies, or pregnancies of unknown location (PUL). This is when a woman has a positive pregnancy test, but the egg cannot be found. Ectopic pregnancies are dangerous and can be life-threatening. That is why we want to find the best way of managing women in this situation, and of telling when a PUL may be an ectopic pregnancy.

So far, we have recruited 750 women and collected over 12,000 blood and urine samples. We will analyse these, along with using statistical models, to find ways of telling whether or not a woman needs surgical intervention. We are comparing the levels of hCG – the “pregnancy hormone” – in urine and blood samples from women who have PUL, or an ectopic pregnancy. 

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