Organise your own Midnight Walk

A Midnight Walk is a sponsored walk starting in the middle of the night to raise funds for Tommy’s.

Set the date

Make sure it doesn’t clash with any other major sporting or local events.

Find a ‘base’ to start and finish your walk

Examples include private health clubs, rugby or other sports clubs or even the town or village hall. You’ll obviously have to convince them to stay open until the walk has finished.

Plan the route

Going through a city/town centre is a good idea to get maximum publicity. You could even collect money with buckets as you go. It also means there are plenty of facilities and street lights. Decide on the length of your route – you know who you are hoping to take part, would they rather do a 10K or would they relish a 26K challenge? Maybe you could offer both. 

Get permission

Make sure you have the appropriate permits from the council to hold the event and to collect on the street.

Take out public liability insurance

You will need to take out public liability insurance to ensure your event is adequately covered.  A number of insurance companies offer single event insurance and it costs around £70. Find out more about insurance policies.

Let Tommy’s know

Tell us about your event so that we can give you all the support you need. Email [email protected].

Set up your registration system

It’s best to get people to sign up in advance, so you gain commitment and know how many to expect on the day. You’ll need to decide how much to charge people – anything from £8 to £15. If you want to use an online system where your participants’ details and payment are taken for you, contact [email protected] and we will do this for you.

Book first aid

Try the Red Cross or St John’s Ambulance.

Organise prizes and giveaways

Ask local companies to donate prizes for top fundraisers or samples you can give away to participants on the day.

Promote your event

  • Start with your own personal networks: family, friends, work colleagues, school, nursery, play group.
  • Set up a Facebook page or groups so that participants can tell their own networks about the event.
  • Have a flier and poster produced – try a local print company. Distribute them!
  • Set yourself an achievable target: how many people do you want to take part?
  • Don’t forget to tell the local press: is there a special reason why you are organising a Midnight Walk for Tommy’s? Let them know.


Encourage the participants to aim to raise at least £50 each and don’t forget to set a deadline for them to raise the money by. Two weeks after the event date is usually a good time frame.


Choose a fancy-dress theme and create some great photo opportunities!

Before the event

The week of the event, let us know how many t-shirts you require from Tommy’s to hand out to participants on the day.

On the day

Have everyone come to the start one hour ahead to register. Ask everyone to sign in and out of the walk so you know if you lose someone. Sign post the route clearly and hand out maps. Have an announcement system and music playing to create a party atmosphere. Have fun!


Offer tea and coffee at the start and maybe a glass of bucks fizz at the finish!

After the event

Thank everyone who took part and donated goods, send images to your local press. Don’t forget to send them to Tommy’s as well!