Lara's top fundraising tips

We wanted to help babies who aren't as healthy as Lara by raising as much money as we can.

Louise & Lara

Since 2006, Water Babies has been sponsoring Tommy's Splashathon which has been named the quickest growing event in the whole of the UK. Together with their carers, babies and toddlers across the UK have been joining in the fun and jumping into the pool in fancy dress to raise funds and raise awareness for this worthy cause. Splashathon is a truly unique event as it gives babies the opportunity to raise money to save other babies lives.

For most babies and toddlers, this will be their first fundraising event, which makes it an extra special event in itself.

This year, Water Babies are aiming to raise an incredible £1million for Tommy's which can help 60,000 couples have the family they've dreamed of. With over 43,000 swimmers a week, if every Water Baby raised £24, the goal of £1million will be easily attainable. So, in an effort to help first-time fundraisers or families that need that extra push, mum Louise Chalker and baby Lara, the top fundraisers in 2015 for Water Babies Devon & Somerset, have come up with some helpful tips for getting the most out of your fundraising page.

Here are a few of Lara's Top Tips:

1) Ask everyone you know but ask the big donators first, as people tend to follow what others put.

2) Make sure you personalise your fundraising page. Write a personal message about what your child/ren are doing, e.g. swimming the width of a pool dressed as a superhero.

3) Put an up to date photo of your little ones. I even put a couple videos of Lara asking for donations.

4) Keep people updated with how your little ones are getting on and if you are close to target. 

5) Make sure you thank people for their generosity, no matter how big or small.

Mum Louise tells us more about she and Lara's interest in supporting Tommy's and explains, "Lara and I have been doing Water Babies since she was ten weeks old. She is now two and a half! She is so confident in the water and loves jumping in. This is our second Splashathon. We wanted to help Tommy's because, although it isn't something that has directly affected our family, we have many friends and work colleagues who have had early births, miscarriages, stillborns and fertility difficulties. We wanted to help babies who aren't as healthy as Lara by raising as much money as we can."

Louise and Lara did incredibly well in 2015 as the top fundraisers for Water Babies Devon & Somerset, raising over £1000.

The dynamic duo are at it again this year and are continuing their efforts to raise money and awareness for Tommy's. Here is a link to Lara's fundraising page:

We hope Louise & Lara's Top Fundraising Tips can offer that helping hand in organising, planning and promoting your fundraising page for this years Splashathon!


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