'I was now giving up hope of ever having a child'

Baby Hughie was born under the care of the Tommy's Centre for Early Miscarriage Research at Coventry & Warwick Hospital.

Hughie, mum and the team

Tommy's guest blog, 12/04/2017, by Sam

Our long journey started 9 years ago in 2008 when we started trying for a baby.

A year later, in 2009, we still hadn't conceived and our doctor referred us to the reproductive medicine team at the UHCW (Coventry & Warwick) for checks.

In 2010 after my husband being tested, and myself having various tests which included bloods, HyCoSy and a laparoscopy, nothing abnormal was found and we were advised to keep on trying as there was nothing that they could do as nothing was found that they could help with.

So we left there feeling very sad and upset as in a way it would have felt better if they had found something as to why I was not conceiving.

We kept trying but nothing.

Years passed and still nothing until July 2014 when I was at work one day and started to bleed very heavily to the point that when I got home my husband (Nigel) took me to the hospital.  There they confirmed I was experiencing a miscarriage and it was early stages, about 5 weeks gone. I didn't even know I was pregnant so it was a complete shock, and then we had to deal with the loss of our child which was very sad as we so longed for a baby.

We came to terms with this and I said that I couldn't go through with it again as it was upsetting and too much to deal with.

Then in August 2015 we found out that we were 4 weeks pregnant and it was a time where we were so nervous as we didn't want anything to go wrong. I took things easy and then at 10 weeks I started to bleed and again the hospital confirmed we'd had a miscarriage.

This again was a very sad and upsetting time.

I was now giving up hope of ever having a child and said I definitely could not try again but I was referred to the research midwifery team at the UHCW.  

They did lots of different tests and put me in for a study which is called the SIM study (scratch in miscarrage). So, I decided to go for this, as anything was worth a go as I was destined to have a child and be a mother but was still very unsure if I could put myself through it all again. The stress and worry.

I had the scratch (SIM) in Jan 2016 and was told to leave the hospital and try again to get pregnant.

We left hospital and was very nervous about trying again but we did and we fell pregnant in May 2016, we found out at 3 weeks so we knew we had a very long way to go, but we started having scans at 4 weeks to monitor progress. We were again very wary and knew that anything could go wrong at any time.

So again I took things easy, then at 11 weeks pregnant I started to bleed.  I was petrified that again we had lost another child but I had a scan and was told that the baby was fine and  I possibly had a tear and to rest.

I rested as told to do so and the weeks kept going by.... 12 weeks scan and scans nearly every week to keep an eye on things or for any problems.

We couldn't believe that everything seemed to be going OK and before we knew it we were full term and our beautiful healthy little boy Hughie was born in Feb 2017.

We can't thank the research team enough as we believe that their study, which we took part in, helped us to conceive.

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