'I knew deep down from how much I had been bleeding it wasn't normal and I was miscarrying.'

I felt sick and worried, my feels were right! Couldn't find a heart beat! I was beside myself. Couldn't stop crying.

Tara, Liliana and dad

Tommy's guest blog, 22/02/2017 by Tara

It was August 2013, I was currently 10 weeks pregnant and very excited of course. Then I started to experience some slight bleeding and lower back pain. I got myself really worked up & upset. I went to the doctors who did some tests and said it was normal. All seemed fine and you can experience some bleeding in the early stages and not to worry.  They sent me away.

The next day I returned to work and started bleeding a lot heavier.

I went to the doctors again and he then sent me to the hospital for a scan.

But I knew deep down from how much I had been bleeding it wasn't normal and I was miscarrying.

After that it took a little while for me to get my head around it all but we got through it. I then fell pregnant again very quickly which was the October. I got to about 8 weeks when started having slight bleeding again.

I got referred to the hospital for test scans. They couldn't find anything on a scan but my hcg blood test levels kept going up and down. This went on for about 8 weeks, even though pregnancy tests were showing positive.

I had regular scans but I knew in my heart that my baby had gone again but it was so hard with regular positive tests.

This time I didn't have much bleeding either. They also found from scans that I had a cyst on my right ovary.  So they did regular scans to check it wasn't growing.

Then in 2014 I was pregnant again. Very happy, all was going to plan, no bleeding, normal pregnancy.

I had a scan at 13 weeks. Before I went for the scan I kept feeling there was something wrong.

I felt sick and worried, my feels were right! Couldn't find a heart beat!

I was beside myself. Couldn't stop crying.  I had to sit in a little room with my husband then they took us to see a consultant.

I had to make a decision what I was going to do - to let it happen naturally or have tablet or small operation. I decided to have the operation It took me a while to get over and I had to have time off work.  

It was hard because I work with babies in a nursery but with the support of friends and family we got through it.

I then had a letter to see the consultant. They told me that from the operation they did tests which showed I had a molar pregnancy. I then had to do regular urine & blood tests to be sent to Charing Cross hospital, London. The consultant also decided that they would operate to remove the cyst the following March 2015.

I had to wait for the all clear from Charing Cross hospital before we could start trying again.

I had the all clear just before my operation. We then waited a few months for me to recover and went on a holiday to Portugal which we both needed after the stress and heart ache we had both had.

After being back home a couple of months I knew I was pregnant again but I didn't want to get my hopes up.

I was also being seen at the John Radcliffe hospital, Oxford after suffering the losses and had to contact them as soon as I was pregnant so they could do early scans.

I booked an appointment for couple weeks later so would been about 6 weeks pregnant.  

At about 5 weeks I started to bleed so worse thoughts came through my mind.

I rang the hospital they got me in straight away for a early scan. They found a heat beat. I was over the moon but went for regular scans every couple of weeks. I also suffered with high blood pressure and was checked regularly.

My little lady is now 10 months old she is my world, she was 3 days late.

Labour all started on its own after 15 hours her heart rate kept dropping so they rushed us in for emergency c section. 

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